It all started when i was 10 years old. I took the old box camera of my parents on a school trip and discovered the joy of photography. By the time i was 12 i had my first reflex camera, a very basic Czech build PRAKTIKA camera. I decided that i wanted to study photography but due to budgetary restrictions this dream was put on hold. Years later I ended up in the travel industry and travelled the world and kept taking pictures on an amateur level. On one of my trips i bought a digital video camera and started to film and edit my trip abroad. After time i got a lot of positive feedback on my videowork and decided to make a career switch. I started as a free lance videographer and tried to combine it with my old photography passion. In the beginning i had more video assignments but when my photography skills became better the ratio changed and now i spend most of my time on photography projects. I turned my passion and hobby of my childhood into a way to make a living and enjoy every minute of it