Feel the vibe

Shooting at the Tomorrowland festival is a blast.  The colourful people and fantastic decorations are very tempting to shoot.  The only problem is that there are dozens of photographers walking around and they all make the same shots.

For me the challenge is to make a different kind of shot that makes you relive the vibe of the moment, that gives you the feeling of being submerged in the beats that you hear and the lights that you see.

For me this means bringing the pictures down to a certain form of simplicity, concentrate on the experience without being distracted by the magic that surrounds you.

It's a process of scaling down, taking elements out of the shot, and step by step, bringing it down to the bare essentials.

Below you can see the process going from the first shot which is a typical shot like every photographer makes until the minimal shot where you can only see silhouettes and light rays